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About This Project

Toxics Link, one of India’s leading environmental NGOs, posed us a unique challenge. They wanted to create a single interactive training system for a Bio-Medical Waste Segregation module for a set of varied trainees –Doctors, Nurses, Ward Assistants, and Hospital Administrators.


This system had to support nationwide compatibility in language and across platforms. There was an understanding that different trainees meant different perspectives of the same content. Moreover, it had to adapt to each ones’ learning style, and be flexible for anyone from any background.


With this in mind, we created ‘Think and Throw,’ a web-game that works on any internet browser, guided by Toxics Link’s mascot – Bindaas. Trainees are placed in unique scenarios where they are provided with visual and factual cues to win the game. The user learns at their own pace, and upon completion, cover the entire course material.



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