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Lockstitch Lives

About This Project

Lockstitch Lives aims to bring the challenges associated with exclusionary urbanisation in Gurgaon, India to life. Using 360-degree multimedia, virtual reality, photography and video, the user is invited to explore the neighborhoods of Dundahera, Kapashera, Sikanderpur Pahadi and Katarpuri. As users and venture into the neighborhoods and homes where migrants live, they can listen to them describe the challenges they face in accessing clean water and sanitation facilities, navigating relationships with landlords and keeping themselves safe from violence at home and at work. These experiences are deeply personal, unique to the Delhi, NCR —and are also reflective of the living and working conditions faced by migrant workers in megacities across the globe.


Launched to coincide with the UN Habitat III meetings in October 2016 in Quito Ecuador, Lockstitch Lives seeks to raise the profile of how exclusionary urbanisation policies impact the citizenship rights of migrant workers in megacities.



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