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Virtual Police Station

About This Project

The Virtual Police Station (VPS) is an innovative training tool for the police and an educational tool for the public that allows a user to experience and explore every room within a police station in 360 degrees.


With the click of a mouse, a user can interact with the people and objects they find inside, such as officers, citizens, and registers. Clicking on an object of person allows the user to learn key policing and legal processes interactively, including the procedure for arrest, registering a complaint of sexual assault, correctly storing case property, filing FIRs, juvenile proceedings and much more.


The VPS provides video, text and legal resources in multiple layers to facilitate training in several languages. This interactive educational training tool can be operated online and offline and is fully integrated into social media. It has been described as an invaluable resource and groundbreaking platform for police academies, NGOs working to empower communities and public education on policing procedures and rights in any police station.



CHRI | Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative



Launch Interactive:




HELM, Training Tool